The University of New Mexico Faculty Senate

Meeting Agenda
February 23, 2016
3:00 P.M.
Scholes Hall Roberts Room

3:00 1. Approval of Agenda Action:
Stefan Posse

2. Acceptance of the January 26, 2016 Summarized Minutes

Stefan Posse
3:05 3. Higher Education Department Initiatives

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Barbara Damron

3:30 4. President's Report
Robert Frank

5. Provost's Report

- Transfer and Articulation Initiative and Budget

Chaouki Abdallah
4:00 6. Posthumous Degree for Robert McCoy Action:
Audrey Arnold
4:05 7. Memorial Minute for Polly Turner Action:
Deborah Rifenbary

8. Faculty Senate President’s Report

  1. Budget situation
    1. Budget cuts (~ $6M for FY2017)
    2. Bond Issue Projects
  2. Discussion and survey on free speech.
  3. Meeting on Feb. 19 with Cabinet Secretary Damron to discuss education initiatives
  4. Highlights from the FS councils and committees
    1. Operations Committee
      1. Meeting with CoG and AF&T to discuss faculty governance
    2. Budget Committee
      1. Faculty Survey will be posted during the first week of March
    3. Research Policy Committee
      1. Revision of E40 in progress
    4. HSC Council
      1. UNM-HSC Legislative Visit
  5. Review of Regent’s meetings
      1. Online fee structure
      2. Benefits
        1. Increase now at 6.4%
        2. Employee contributions higher than benchmark institutions.
        3. Deductible slightly higher than benchmark institutions.
        4. Out-of-pocket-maximum lower than benchmark institutions.
        5. Medical & Rx Plan Design proposal:
                1. Change the Brand Copays to a 25% Coinsurance with a minimum copay that matches current
                1. Possible increase of out-of-pocket-maximum to $3,000/$6,000.
            1. UNM Board of Regents support of New Hospital
            2. Global & National Security Policy Institute
            3. Innovation academy
  6. Events at Mount St. Mary's
  7. Future Faculty Senate Meeting topics (tentative):
    1. Proposal on Tenure of Clinician Educators
    2. Faculty Governance Structure
    3. Compliance and COI
    4. Background Checks
  8. Questions and Suggestions?
Stefan Posse

9. 2015-2016 Faculty Senate Committee Appointments

Appointment of Marjori Krebs as the COE Representative as the replacement for Liz Keefe

Pamela Pyle

  10. Form C from the Curricula Committee

Pamela Pyle


BA is Physics and Astrophysics Revision
AS Science (LA)
BS Health Education - Community Health Concentration
PhD Statistics
BS Athletic Training
BS Physics - Optics Concentration
BS Ed Elementary Education
BA American Studies
BA English Studies
English Minor
(NEW) AS Mathematics (VA)
Department of Educatinal Specialities
Bachelor of Business Administration
BS Athletic Training (2)
Master of Health Administration
BA Classical Studies - Civilization Concentration
Ph.D. Computer Science
B.S.Ed. Special Educatin and Elementary Education Dual License Program
Ph.D. Engineering - Civil Engineering Concentration
(NEW) Bachelor Science Population Health
Master of Construction Management
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts
BS Earth and Planetary Science
Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Management Concentration
BA & BS Psychology
BAEd and SAEd Secondary Education
BSEd Physical Education
Honors College Designation
BFA Art Studio
Native Amerian Studies Program Honors
AA in Liberal Arts (LA)
AS Pre-Professional Health Sciences (LA)
Revison of Master of Public Health
(NEW) MS & PhD Biomedical Sciences - Neuroscience Concentration
Deletion of Associate of Science in Radiography (A.S.R.)
Revision of Post Masters Certificate in Nursing
Revison of BS Emergency Medical Services
Revison MPH Public Health - Concentration Epidemiology
Revision Public Health Graduate Minor
(NEW) PhD Biomedical Sciences - Cancer Biology Concentration
Revision BS Emergency Medical Services
Revision AS Environmental Science (LA)
Revision Master of Public Health - Community Concentration
(NEW) PhD Biomedical Sciences - Cardiovascular Physiology Concentration
Revision CERT Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Revision BA Native American Studies


11. Health Science Center Compliance

1. Building a culture of compliance
2. Regulatory oversight & UNM/ HSC resources
3. Learning central compliance training
4. New training initiative
5. Tone at the Middle
6. Auditing processes

Chief Health Science Center Compliance Officer Stuart Freedman

5:00 12. Adjournment  


1. All faculty are invited to attend Faculty Senate meetings.
2. Full agenda packets are available at
3. All information pertaining to the Faculty Senate can be found at
4. Questions should be directed to the Office of the Secretary, Scholes 103, 277-4664
5. Information found in agenda packets is in draft form only and may not be used for quotes or dissemination of information until approved by the Faculty Senate.