The University of New Mexico Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
March 22, 2016
3:00 P.M.
Scholes Hall Roberts Room

3:00 1. Approval of Agenda Action:
FS President Stefan Posse

2.Acceptance of Minutes From February Faculty Senate Meeting

FS President Stefan Posse
3:05 3.Pothsumous Degree for Markel Byrd Informatin:
Dean Kate Krause

4. Faculty Senate President’s Report

1.     Highlights from the FS councils and committees

                a.      Budget Committee

                b.     Operations Committee

2.     Open position: Chair of Research and Creative Work Council

3.     Review of Regent’s Meetings

                a.      March 14 Board meeting

                                              i.     Benefits

                                              ii.     Change in HSC governance – see information item

                b.     March 22 Budget Summit meeting summary
                                               i.     Will be presented at the Faculty Senate meeting

4.     Future Faculty Senate Meeting topics (tentative):

                a.      Proposal on Tenure of Clinician Educators

                b.     Faculty Governance Structure

                c.      Compliance and COI

                d.     Background Checks

5.     Questions and Suggestions?

FS President Stefan Posse

5. Form C from the Curricula Committee

C1678 MPH - Health Systems, Services, and Policy Concentration
C1789 BS Nuclear Engineering
C1783 Art Education Minor
C1682 Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
C1415 MS in Physical Education Exercise Science Concentration
C1571 GCERT Applied Behavior Analysis: Research Based Interventions for Individuals
C1603 Associate of Arts in Criminology
C1604 GCERT Instruction for Students with Intensive Social, Language, and Behavioral Needs
C1627 Community Health Education Minor (NEW)
C1644 Master of AccountingProfessional Accounting Concentration
C1650 PhD in PESES Exercise Science

C1690 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
C1691 Environmental Science Minor
C1694 Graduate Certificate in Women Studies
C1695 PhD Psychology Quantitative Methodology Concentration & Emphasis
C1705 Master of Architecture Plan III
C1713 Master of Community and Regional Planning
C1714 Bachelor of Arts Environmental Planning and Design Landscape Architecture Concentration
C1715 Bachelor of Arts in Music
C1721 Ph.D. in Psychology with M.S. Enroute

C1722 PhD Psychology Clinical Concentration
C1723 CS 108L UNM Core Course (NEW)

C1727 Master of Accounting Advanced Concentration
C1728 Master of Accounting Tax Concentration
C1729 Master of Accounting Information Assurance Concentration
C1732 (Dual Degree) MCRP/MA Latin American Studies
C1733 MBA Management Information Systems Concentration
C1737 M.A. Economics Plan II
C1738 MCRP Indigenous Planning Concentration (NEW)
C1740 AA Early Childhood Multicultural Education LA
C1741 AA PreProfessional Elementary Education (LA)

C1760 AS Computer Science (LA)
C1776 M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
C1791 Architecture Minor (NEW)

C1792 Design Studies Minor (NEW)
C1794 Master of Architecture Track Three
C1795 Master of Architecture Track 2.5
C1796 Master of Architecture Track Two
C1812 MS Chemical Engineering
C1779 U.S. and Global Diversity and Inclusion UG Degree
C1361 BA Family Studies
C1362 Human Development and Family Relations Minor
C1667 MS Information Systems & Assurance
C1680 MFA in Dance
C1683 PhD Biomedical SciencesInfectious Disease & Immunology Concentration
C1697 BS Human Development & Family Relations
C1698 Family Studies Minor
C1699 BS Family and Child Studies Human Development & Family Relations Concentration
C1701 BS Family Studies
C1702 PhD Latin American Studies w/ MA En Route
C1703 PhD Latin American StudiesCommunication Concentration
C1704 MA Latin American Studies
C1706 BS Early Childhood Multicultural Education
C1708 BS Family and Child Studies Early Childhood Multicultural Ed Licensenure PreK to Grade 3 Concent
C1709 BS Family and Child Studies Early Childhood Education & Development Concentration
C1726 PhD Sociology
C1747 MA SpanishHispanic Linguistics Concentration
C1790 BAA Design Studies Concentration (NEW)
C1793 BAA PreProfessional Concentration (NEW)
C1799 Bachelor of Music, Theory and Composition Concentration
C1800 Bachelor of Music Education, Instrumental Concentration
C1801 Bachelor of Music Education, Vocal Concentration
C1811 MS Biomedical Engineering
C1813 BSME Mechanical Engineering
C1824 Family and Child Studies (FCS) Subject Code

FS President-Elect Pamela Pyle
3:30 6. Form D For Graduate Certificate in Race and Social Justice Action: Professor Nancy Lopez
3:35 7. Faculty Athletic Representative Report Information:
Faculty Representative of NCAA , Amy Neel
3:50 8. Talent Managment System-UNMjobs

Theresa Ramos, Director of the Office of Faculty Affairs and Services

4:05 9. Free Speech Survey Vote
Action: FS President Stefan Posse
4:15 10. Dean of Students

- Classroom Management
- Handling Disruptive and Disturbing Student Behavior
- Resources for Faculty

Clery Act Compliance Officer, Rob Burford

4:30 11. Discussion on Changes in Regent’s Policies regarding HSC Governance Information: Provost Abdallah, FS President Stefan Posse
5:00 12. Adjournment  


1. All faculty are invited to attend Faculty Senate meetings.
2. Full agenda packets are available at
3. All information pertaining to the Faculty Senate can be found at
4. Questions should be directed to the Office of the Secretary, Scholes 103, 277-4664
5. Information found in agenda packets is in draft form only and may not be used for quotes or dissemination of information until approved by the Faculty Senate.