The University of New Mexico
Faculty Senate

Meeting Agenda
April 25, 2017
3:00 P.M.
Scholes Hall Roberts Room

3:00 1. Approval of Agenda Action:
Pamela Pyle, Faculty Senate President
  2. Acceptance of the March 28, 2017 Faculty Senate Summarized Minutes Action:
Pamela Pyle
3:05 3. Faculty Senate President’s Report

Pamela Pyle

3:15 4. Memorial Minute for Adjunct Professor Julio Montoya Polanco, Health Exercise and Sports Science, College of Education (COE)

Andy Mooneyhan, Program Specialist, Health Exercise and Sports Science (COE); and Shannon Siderius, Department Administrator, Health Exercise and Sports Science (COE)

3:18 5. Provost's Report Information:
Craig White, Acting Provost
3:30 6. Spring 2017 Degree Candidates

Marieken Shaner, Operations Committee Member

  7. Forms C from the Curricula Committee

Marieken Shaner

Form Name of New or Existing Program Action and Category
C1376 BS Mathematics revision of concentration
C1758 PhD Linguistics revision of degree
C1820 PhD Physics  revision of degree
C1879 MA American Studies revision of degree
C1880 Italian Minor revision of minor
C1883 Bachelor of Liberal Arts revision of major
C1890 Philosophy Minor revision on minor
C1894 Women Studies Undergraduate Honors Program revision of degree
C1897 BS Instructional  Technology and Training revision of major
C1904 Ph.D. in Statistics revision of major
C1909 Chinese Minor revision of minor
C1939 MS Nuclear Engineering revision of degree
C2022 Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media program (IFDM) program move to Department of Cinematic Arts
C2021 Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media Core (IFDM) revision to program core courses
C2013 AS Nursing (TA) revision to degree
C2012 BS Pharmaceutical Sciences new degree
C1919 MS Physician Assistant revision of major
C2006 Honors College Designation revision to program
C1991 Subject Code: Arts Leadership and Business ALB (NEW) new subject code
C1989 Bachelor of Liberal Arts- Global & National Security Concentration new concentration
C1988 Undergraduate Minor: Distributed Minor within Fine Arts (IFDM) revision to undergraduate minor
C1986 BBA- Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media concentration (IFDM) revision to concentration
C1985 BA Journalism and Mass Communication - Digital Field Multimedia concentration (IFDM) revision to concentration
C1984 BA Communication - Critical Studies in Mass Media concentration (IFDM) revision to concentration
C1983 BFA Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media - Production concentration (IFDM) revision to major, concentration
C1982 Undergraduate Minor: World Dance revision to minor
C1980 Shared Credit BAEPD/MCRP; Requirement changes: BAEPD; BAEPD CRP concentration; CRP UG minor new shared-credit degree; revision to BAEPD; revision to CRP concentration; revision to undergraduate minor
C1978 U.S. and Global Diversity and Inclusion UG Degree Requirement revision to program
C1975 BA Architecture new concentration
C1972 Graduate and Undergraduate Minors: Arts Management revision to graduate and undergraduate minor
C1958 BBA- Accounting Concentration revision to concentration
C1956 B.B.A. and M.Acct. Shared-Credit Degrees Program revision to program
C1955 BFA Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media - Critical Studies concentration (IFDM) deletion of concentration
C1954 Undergraduate Minor: Media Arts revision to undergraduate minor
C1953 BA Media Arts revision to major
C1927 AAS Digital Media Arts (TA) revision to degree
C1911 BA Journalism & Mass Communication -Strategic Communication Concentration revision to concentration
C1903 PH 102 UNM Core addition to UNM Core
C1902 PH 101 UNM Core addition to UNM Core
C1901 Population Health Minor new undergraduate minor
C1900 BS Radiologic Sciences- Medical Imaging Concentration revision to concentration
C1899 BS Radiologic Sciences- Nuclear Medicine Concentration revision to concentration
C1891 Master of Public Policy revision to degree
C1888 Nuclear Medicine deletion of certificate
C1884 Master of Public Health new concentration
C1882 BSED Elementary Education revision to major
C1881 PhD Family Studies revision to major; name change to major
C1877 AS Nursing (GA) revision to degree
C1873 MA Family Studies - Family Life Education concentration revision to concentration
C1872 MA Family Studies - Early Childhood Studies concentration new concentration
C1871 MA Family Studies - Family Relations concentration deletion of concentration
C1870 MA Family Studies - Human Development in Families concentration revision to concentration
C1869 MA Family Studies revision to major; name change to major
C1868 MA Elementary Education -Early Childhood Ed concentration deletion of concentration
C1867 MA Art Education revision to major
C1857 BA & BS Biochemistry revision to major
C1852 Minor: Civic and Community Engagement / Subject Code: Community Engaged Learning and Research (CELR) new subject code; new undergraduate minor
C1848 MBA- Marketing Management Concentration revision to concentration
C1835 MS Physician Assistant revision of major
C1821 BA Languages & Languages Minor revision to major
3:35 8. Faculty Handbook Policy C09 Revision for Approval

Martha Muller, Co-Chair, Faculty Senate Policy Committee

9. Faculty Handbook Policy E40 Revision for Approval Action:
Martha Muller
  10. Faculty Handbook Policy E90 Revision for Approval Action:
Martha Muller
3:45 11. Faculty Senate Athletic Council Report Information:
Finnie Coleman, Chair, Athletic Council
4:00 12. Faculty Senate General Education (GenEd) Core Task Force Update Information:
Pamela Cheek, Chair, GenEd Task Force
4:15 13. New Business and Open Discussion  
4:20 14. Public Comment  
  15. Adjournment  
4:30 16. Faculty Senate End of the Year Reception  


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