The University of New Mexico Faculty Senate

Meeting Agenda
March 28, 2017
3:00 P.M.
Scholes Hall Roberts Room

3:00 1. Approval of Agenda Action:
Pamela Pyle, Faculty Senate President
  2. Acceptance of the February 28, 2017 Faculty Senate Minutes

    Acceptance of the January 24, 2017 Faculty Senate Minutes
Pamela Pyle
3:05 3. Faculty Senate President’s Report

Pamela Pyle

3:20 4. University President’s Report

Chaouki Abdallah, Acting President

3:35 5. Provost's Report Information:
Craig White, Acting Provost
3:50 6. Dialogue with Regent Vice President Marron Lee Discussion:
Marron Lee, Vice President, Board of Regents
4:20 7. Forms C from the Curricula Committee

Marieken Shaner, Operations Committee Member

  Deletion of major in BA of Family and Child Studies, Arts and Sciences
Revision of major in MA of Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences
Deletion of concentration in BA of Linguistics-Signed Language Studies
Name change of Department-Art and Art History
Revision of concentration in BS of Family and Child Studies-ECMEL
Revision of major in MA of Elementary Education
Name change of graduate certificate in Urban and Regional Design
Revision of degree in AA of Art Studio-UNM Los Alamos
Revision of degree in AS of Emergency Medical Services-UNM Los Alamos
Revision of degree in AS of Pre-Engineering-UNM Los Alamos
Revision of degree in AA of Pre-Business Administration-UNM Taos
Revision of degree in AA of AIS Integrative Studies-UNM Valencia
Revision of degree in AA of Early Childhood Multicultural Education-UNM Taos
Revision of degree admission requirements for MA/PhD of English
Revision of degree in PhD of English
Revision of concentration in MA of English-Medieval Studies
Revision of concentration in MA of English-Rhetoric and Writing
Revision of concentration in MA of English-Language and Literatures
Revision of degree in MS of Architecture
Revision of concentration in Master of Accounting-Information Assurance
Name change of major in BA of Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts
Revision of degree in BA of Music Education
Revision of major in BA of Art Education
Revision of certificate in Art Studio-UNM Los Alamos
Revision of Certificate in Art Studio-UNM Valencia
New degree of AA in Environmental Planning and Design-UNM Gallup
4:25 8. University Budget

Nicole Dopson, Financial Officer, Office of the Provost

4:35 9. Research Strategic Plan Information:
Patricia Henning, Associate Vice President for Research
4:45 10. Faculty Senate Campus Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) Report Information:
Steven Yourstone, Chair, CDAC
4:55 11. New Business and Open Discussion  
  12. Public Comment  
5:00 13. Adjournment  


1. All faculty are invited to attend Faculty Senate meetings.
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4. Questions should be directed to the Office of the Secretary, Scholes 103, 277-4664
5. Information found in agenda packets is in draft form only and may not be used for quotes or dissemination of information until approved by the Faculty Senate.