The University of New Mexico Faculty Senate

Meeting Agenda
November 22, 2016
3:00 P.M.
Scholes Hall Roberts Room

3:00 1. Approval of Agenda Action:
Pamela Pyle, Faculty Senate President
  2. Acceptance of the October 25, 2016 Faculty Senate Minutes Action:
Pamela Pyle
3:05 3. Faculty Senate President’s Report

Pamela Pyle

3:25 4. Provost's Report Information:
Chaouki Abdallah
3:40 5. Chancellor's Report Information:
Paul Roth
3:55 6. Honorary Degree Candidates-Senate must meet in closed session for discussion and approval vote Action:
Aeron Haynie, Member of the Honorary Degree Committee and Member of the Faculty Senate Graduate and Professional Committee
4:10 7. 2016-2017 Faculty Senate Committee Appointments

Marieken Shaner, Operations Committee Member

8. Fall 2016 Degree Candidates

Marieken Shaner, Operations Committee Member

  9. Forms C from the FS Curricula Committee

   Revision of Dcotor of Pharmacy
   Revision of MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
Revision of AS in Nursing (VA)
   Revision of minor in Military Studies (Air Force Option)
   Revision of MS in Nanoscience and Microsystem Engineering
   Name change of MA in Public Policy
   Revision of major in AS of Emergency Medical Services (VA)
   Revision of MS in Physics
   Revision of MA in Philosophy Plan II

Marieken Shaner, Operations Committee Member

4:15 10. Revision of Faculty Handbook Policy A61.7 Curricula Committee Action:
Kimberly Gauderman, Co-Chair FS Policy Committee
4:20 11. Update on the U.S. Department of Justice Agreement Information:
Elizabeth Washburn
4:30 12. Faculty Reporting Obligations under Title IX at the University of New Mexico  Resolution Action:
Operations Committee
4:35 13. New Business and Open Discussion  
4:55 14. Public Comment  
5:00 15. Adjournment  


1. All faculty are invited to attend Faculty Senate meetings.
2. Full agenda packets are available at
3. All information pertaining to the Faculty Senate can be found at
4. Questions should be directed to the Office of the Secretary, Scholes 103, 277-4664
5. Information found in agenda packets is in draft form only and may not be used for quotes or dissemination of information until approved by the Faculty Senate.