Curricula Committee Members

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Chair: Angeline Delucas

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Meetings are held on the second Friday of every month from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm in Education Bldg, TEC 220. Meeting Calendar.

Member Member TypeTerm
Saurabh Ahluwalia
Associate Professor
ASM Finance Intl Tech Mngt FIT
Faculty from Anderson School of Management2017-2019
Eva Rodriguez Gonzalez
Associate Professor
Spanish Portuguese
Faculty from College of Arts and Sciences - Humanities2018-2020
Janet Vassilev
Associate Professor
Mathematics Statistics
Faculty from College of Arts and Sciences - Natural Physical Sciences and Math2017-2019
Colin Olson
Senior Lecturer III
Faculty from College of Arts and Sciences - Social and Behavioral Sciences2018-2020
Pisarn Chamcharatsri
Associate Professor
Language Literacy Sociocultural LL
Faculty from College of Education2018-2020
Peter Gilbert
Assistant Professor
Faculty from College of Fine Arts2018-2019
Angeline Delucas
Clinician Ed - Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
Faculty from College of Nursing2018-2020
Kristina Wittstrom
Research Lecturer III
College of Pharmacy
Faculty from College of Pharmacy2017-2019
Francisco Soto Mas
Associate Professor
College of Population Health
Faculty from College of Population Health2018-2020
VACANTFaculty from Dental Hygiene Program  
Leslie Donovan
Associate Professor
UC University Honors College
Faculty from Honors College2017-2019
Catherine Harris
Assistant Professor
Art and Art History
Faculty from School of Architecture and Planning2017-2019
John Russell
SOE Mechanical Engineering
Faculty from School of Engineering2018-2020
George Lawrence Bach
Associate Professor
School of Law
Faculty from School of Law2018-2020
Lindsay Eakes
Assistant Director
Emerg Med EMS Academy
Faculty from School of Medicine2017-2019
Alyssa Russo
Assistant Professor
College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences
Faculty from University Libraries2018-2020
Stephanie Hands
Arts Sciences Advisement
Advising Manager Selected by Provost 
Pamela Cheek
Associate Professor
Foreign Languages Literatures
Assoc. VP for Acad. Affairs Evening and Weekend Program 
Susanne Clement
Director of Collections
College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences
Collection Development Librarian 
Robben Baca
Graduate Acad Affairs Splst
Graduate Studies GS
Member of the Graduate Committee 
Sheila Jurnak
Interim Registrar
Office of the Registrar
Branch Members
Matthew Mingus
Assistant Professor
Gallup Branch
Faculty from UNM-Gallup Branch2017-2019
Tom Beach
Adjunct Professor
Los Alamos Branch
Faculty from UNM-Los Alamos Branch2017-2019
Randi Archuleta
Taos Branch
Faculty from UNM-Taos Branch2017-2019
Barbara Lovato
Senior Lecturer III
Valencia County Branch
Faculty from UNM-Valencia Branch2018-2020
Total Members: 24