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Chair: John Carr

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Member Member TypeTerm
Hsuan-Chi Chen
Associate Professor
Anderson School of Management
Faculty from Anderson School of Management2017-2019
Nikki Jernigan
Assistant Professor
Cell Biology
Faculty from Biomedical Sciences2018-2020
Aeron Haynie
Center for Teaching Excellence
Faculty from College of Arts and Sciences - Humanities2017-2019
VACANTFaculty from College of Arts and Sciences - Natural Physical Sciences and Math  
VACANTFaculty from College of Arts and Sciences - Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Deborah Cohen
Assistant Professor
Individual Family Comm Educ IFCE
Faculty from College of Education2017-2019
Glenn J Kostur
Associate Professor
Faculty from College of Fine Arts2018-2020
Karen Brown
Clinician Ed - Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
Faculty from College of Nursing2017-2019
Melissa Roberts
Assistant Professor
College of Pharmacy
Faculty from College of Pharmacy2017-2019
VACANTFaculty from Public Administration  
VACANTFaculty from School of Architecture and Planning  
Ganesh Balakrishnan
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty from School of Engineering2017-2019
Alexandra Siek
Lecturer III
Law Library
Faculty from School of Law2017-2019
VACANTFaculty from University College  
Karl Benedict
Associate Professor
University Libraries & Learning Sciences
Faculty from University Libraries2018-2020
VACANTFaculty member  
Boney Mutabazi
Student, GPSA
Graduate and Professional Student Association
Robben Baca
Graduate Acad Affairs Splst
Graduate Studies GS
Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies 
Timothy Lowrey
Biology Department
Assoc. Dean of Graduate Studies 
Julie Coonrod
Graduate Studies GS
Dean of Graduate Studies 
Pamela Cheek
Associate Professor
Foreign Languages Literatures
Provost/EVP for Academic Affairs 
VACANTVice Provost for Extended University  
Total Members: 15