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Member Member TypeTerm
Karl Karlstrom
Earth and Planetary Sciences EPS
Faculty from College of Arts and Sciences2015-2018
VACANTFaculty from College of Arts and Sciences  
VACANTFaculty from College of Arts and Sciences  
Philip Duryea
Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences
Faculty from College of Education2016-2019
VACANTFaculty from College of Education  
Joyce Szabo
Art and Art History
Faculty from College of Fine Arts2015-2018
Maurice Moffett
Research Assistant Professor
Family Community Medicine FCM
Faculty from Health Sciences Center2014-2018
VACANTFaculty from Health Sciences Center  
C. Randall Truman
SOE Mechanical Engineering
Faculty from School of Engineering2014-2018
VACANTFaculty from School of Engineering  
Cynthia Pierard
Assistant Professor
College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences
Faculty from University Libraries2015-2018
VACANTFrom College/Department Generating Sponsored Research  
Tara Hackel
Graduate & Professional Student
Graduate and Professional Student Association
Richard S Larson
Vice President
SOM Pathology
Chief Adm Ofc for Research, Health Sciences Center 
Gabriel Lopez
Vice President for Research and Econ Development
Vice President for Research
Chief Adm Ofc for Research, Main Campus 
Elizabeth Kuuttila
Science and Technology Corporation @ UNM
Director of Science and Technology Corp, UNM 
Michele Huff
Senior Associate University Counsel
University Counsel Office
University Patent Lawyer 
Total Members: 11