Resolution: Faculty Engagement in Enterprise Resource Planning Project

Whereas the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system called SCT Banner, which will have a campus-wide impact across all constituencies, has been approved and funded by the University of New Mexico.

Whereas the faculty has a vested interest in all decisions related to the academic program of the university, including: tools that involve the scheduling of courses and instructors, grade reporting systems, research reporting tools and requirements, and other new tools within the ERP which faculty will be required to understand and use.

Whereas the academic faculty currently has little information or contact with the various planning bodies that will determine the uses of the ERP when it is implemented on campus.

Be it resolved that:

The Computer Use Committee (CUC) of Faculty Senate requests that faculty members be invited to sit on the various Planning and Implementation Committees (Financial, Student Systems, Human Resources, and Alumni/Development) that are charged with decision-making and eventual implementation of the ERP/Banner system on UNM campuses. The CUC offers its assistance in identifying faculty members to sit on each of the implementation committees to ensure that appropriate representation takes place as this project proceeds.