Resolution: Science Curriculum Standards by NM Board of Education

Introduced by John Geissman, Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Bel Campbell, Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Whereas, the principal missions of the University of New Mexico are education, as the dissemination of knowledge, truth and the arts; scholarly and scientific research, as the incessant pursuit of knowledge, truth, and artistic expression; and service to the State in fostering ready access to knowledge, truth, and the arts; AND

Whereas, the great majority of students matriculating at the University received their prior education in the State of New Mexico;

Therefore, be it resolved, that we the members of the Faculty Senate of the University of New Mexico, representing the Faculty of the University, emphatically disapprove of the New Mexico State Board of Education's revisions of the Content Standards with Benchmarks for Kindergarten through Grade 12, specifically with regard to Science Curriculum Standards.

The changes made to the curriculum especially the removal of all references to the instruction of biological evolution and the vast antiquity of the planet we inhabit, are inappropriate and will further serve to detract from an objective, quality education so vital for the preparation of New Mexico students for pursuits in higher education at the University of New Mexico and elsewhere.

We recommend in the strongest possible terms that the State Board of Education reconsider its recent actions and revise the Science Curriculum Standards of the State to bring them into general accordance with the recently established National Science Education Standards.

A copy of this resolution is to be presented to each member of the State Board of Education and to the Governor of the State of New Mexico.