Resolution: Impact of Financial Decisions on Research & Academic Programs

Whereas, the Regents, President, and Faculty of the University share a commitment to advancing the research, teaching, and service mission of the University; and

Whereas, major financial decisions are not narrowly administrative but rather have a direct influence on the University’s mission; and

Whereas, recent financial decisions threaten to undermine the University’s mission;

Therefore, the General Faculty of the University of New Mexico hereby resolve that:

  1. All major financial decisions (current and future) regarding non-HSC Facilities & Administration funds and other funds designated for research support be reviewed by the Executive Research Advisory Committee (ERAC, with membership and leadership as constituted by the ERAC Charter) and assessed for their impact on the University’s research mission.

  2. In allocating all resources to academic programs on the main campus, the University will use a consultative process for decisions regarding faculty hiring, faculty retention, and modification of academic programs. Priorities will be set through this consultative process among UNM administrators Deans, Department Chairs and Program Directors taking into account the impact of major financial decisions on academic programs, the long term viability of said programs and UNM's strategic plans.

  3. The University President will communicate with the Faculty Senate regarding progress in implementing these resolutions, no later than June 15, 2008.