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Faculty Senate Meeting Summarized Minutes

Faculty Senate summarized meeting minutes will be posted here after a meeting.  Hard copies of summarized minutes are available at the Office of the Secretary, Scholes 103 (277-4664) upon request.


Minutes Agendas
August 28, 2007 HTML, PDF1, PDF2
September 25, 2007 HTML, PDF2
October 23, 2007 HTML, PDF1, PDF2
November 27, 2007 HTML, PDF1, PDF2
January 22, 2008 HTML, PDF1, PDF2
February 12, 2008 HTML, PDF1, PDF2
February 26, 2008 HTML, PDF1, PDF2
March 11, 2008 HTML, PDF2
March 25, 2008 HTML, PDF1, PDF2
April 22, 2008 HTML, PDF1, PDF2