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Interim Chair: Cathy Huaqing Qi

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Member Member TypeTerm
Cathy Huaqing Qi
Department of Special Education
Faculty from College of Education2017-2019
Interim Chair
Gina Voelker Bobrowski
Associate Professor
Art and Art History
Faculty from College of Fine Arts2017-2019
VACANTFaculty from Humanities  
Robert Waide
Biology Department
Faculty from Life Sciences2017-2019
Yang Qin
Assistant Professor
Chemistry Department
Faculty from Physical Sciences2016-2018
Sudharman Jayaweera
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty from School of Engineering2016-2018
Wendy Hansen
Political Science
Faculty from Social Sciences2017-2019
Feroza F Jussawalla
English Department
Faculty member2016-2018
Luke Mao
Assistant Professor
Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences
Faculty member2016-2018
Mohammad Motamed
Assistant Professor
Mathematics Statistics
Faculty member2016-2018
Brandon Schmandt
Assistant Professor
Earth and Planetary Sciences EPS
Faculty member2016-2018
VACANTFaculty member 
Total Members: 10