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August 4, 2020 Business Council roster

Time zone: America/Denver

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Roster date: August 4, 2020



Irene Vasquez

Associate Professor
American Studies

budget chair May 20, 2020 2021

Pamela Viktoria Pyle

Associate Professor

governmental relations chair 2018 2021
vacant campus development advisory chair

Fran Wilkinson

Senior Associate Dean
College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences

faculty and staff benefits advisory chair 2020 2021

Trenia Walker

Department of Teacher Education

information technology use chair August 28, 2019 2021

Mark Maddaleni

Financial Officer Operator
Arts Sciences Admn Support

faculty and staff benefits advisory chair 2020 2021

administrative non-voting


Craig White

ASM Department of Accounting

avp for planning budget and analysis January 1, 2019

Elizabeth Metzger

University Controller
Controller Administration

university controller 2012