Resolution: Cost of Employee Healthcare

WHEREAS the costs of health insurance as a benefit for the UNM community continues to rise, and

WHEREAS UNM’s notable achievements in containing prior potential increases in the costs of health insurance through self-insurance appear stagnated in the face of future increases, and

WHEREAS negotiations for the costs of actual employee-healthcare (not insurance) provided by UNM Health Sciences (Hospitals?) are carried out by third party insurance administrative organizations, and

WHEREAS those third parties also have their own providers of healthcare that actually compete with UNM Health Sciences (Hospitals), and

WHEREAS that situation appears to cause UNM Health Services to be the most expensive provider of employee-healthcare for UNM employees,

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate of the University of New Mexico requests that UNM’s Human Resources Department negotiate the cost of employee healthcare provided to UNM by UNM Health Sciences (Hospitals?) directly, and that UNM envisions the provision of employee healthcare by UNM Health Sciences (Hospitals?) similarly to the provision of educational opportunities to employees by the main campus community.