Research Policy Committee

Charge of the Committee

Vice-chair: Brandon Schmandt (2023 to 2024)
Chair: Tito Busani (2023 to 2024)

Roster date: June 17, 2024



Brandon Schmandt

Associate Professor
Earth and Planetary Sciences

arts and sciences August 30, 2021 2024

Holly Jacobson

Associate Professor

arts and sciences September 23, 2022 2024
vacant arts and sciences

Fabiano Amorim

Associate Professor
Health Exercise & Sports Science

education September 23, 2022 2025
vacant education
vacant fine arts

Sascha Alles

Assistant Professor: Anesthesiology Research

hsc 2023 2026

Melissa Rethlefsen

Executive Director: HS Library & Informatics Ctr

hsc August 30, 2023 2026

Marek Osinski

School of Engineering

engineering 2021 2024

Tito Busani

Assistant Professor
Electrical Computer Engineering

engineering August 30, 2021 2024
vacant university libraries

Yemane Asmerom

Earth and Planetary Sciences Dept

college or department generating sponsored research September 23, 2022 2025



Maria Roman

Research Assistant: Center for High Tech Materials CHTM

gpsa 2023 2024



Hengameh Raissy

Research Professor
Pediatrics Pulmonary

chief adm ofc for research health sciences center January 1, 2023
vacant chief adm ofc for research main campus

Elizabeth Kuuttila

Science and Technology Corporation @ UNM

director of science and technology corp 2018

Ariadna Vazquez

Deputy University Counsel
University Counsel Office

university patent lawyer August 18, 2021

support staff


Gena Garcia

Administrative Coordinator
Office of the University Secretary

office of the secretary 2023

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