Resolution: Information Technology Planning


Whereas, the University currently evidences a lack of coordination among its information technology (IT) infrastructure and applications providers, and a lack of collaboration as regards campus IT support for faculty, staff and students.

Whereas, the University is currently operating without benefit of a campus-wide plan for the design, development, and maintenance of its information technology operations, the Computer Use Committee of the UNM Faculty Senate proposes the following:

  1. Constitute a representative body of UNM constituencies to engage in a comprehensive planning effort to result in a Plan for Information Technology at the University of New Mexico.” The membership would, at a minimum, include representatives from the faculty, staff, students, and administration. In addition, it would have representation from the primary IT providers on campus: CIRT, Telecommunications, KNME, HSC, Library, and Extended University.
  2. The attendant issues surrounding the leadership of CIRT and that of the entire IT campus enterprise should be a part of the planning process and should not be decided in isolation. Consideration must be given to other leadership structures within the larger organizational context of the university as regards the IT enterprise. As such, the Committee recommends that consideration of the leadership of CIRT be included as part of the overall campus-wide IT planning effort.