Resolution: Tuition Remission

Background: At one time, the tuition remission covered stress management related courses like those at Continuing Education, as well as those that are offered through degree programs. Both faculty and staff enjoyed these courses and felt that they were a definite positive in their work at UNM. That benefit was withdrawn when the hours for the academic benefit were increased. This has proven to be a source of discontent for many faculty and staff. The Faculty Staff Benefits Committee had been informed that, for academic courses, the funding formula actually more than covers the cost. The Committee was also informed that the formula did not cover the cost of Continuing Education classes; however, our understanding is that that cost was not high in the past.

Therefore, be it resolved that the faculty and staff at UNM again be allowed to use at least four hours of their eight-hour tuition remission for all UNM courses, including Continuing Education classes that are not obviously career-related. The positive effects of stress management sorts of classes on morale has long been discussed by faculty and staff, and the Committee recommends that, in a year where salary increases may be minimal, an improvement in the tuition remission be considered strongly.