Resolution: Curriculum Committee Resolution

RESOLUTION Curricula Committee Chair Kathleen Keating presented the following resolution to revise the charge of the Curricula Committee. The revision brings the charge in line with the work the committee is actual doing. It also clarifies the Curricula Committee’s oversight of the Core Curricula. The Faculty Senate unanimously approved the charge revision.

WHEREAS, the Faculty Senate Curricula Committee reaffirms section 11 in the “Implementation of Core Curriculum” dated April 14, 1998 which was passed by the Faculty Senate,

RESOLVED, that the following changes be made to Faculty Senate Curricula Committee charge noted in bold text: The Curricula Committee, in cooperation with the Senate Graduate Committee and the Undergraduate Committee, is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of the curricula in the University, its branches, and its graduate centers, by (1) reviewing the recommendations of the Senate Graduate Committee concerning all proposals for major changes in programs (Form C), including new degrees, new programs, new majors and minors, name changes, and substantive changes in existing programs, and transmitting them to the Faculty Senate for final approval; (2) reviewing and making recommendations on all proposals for minor course changes (Form A), new courses (Form B), minor changes in existing programs (Form C), originating from students, departments, programs, divisions, schools, colleges of the University and its branches and graduate centers, and Faculty Senate Committees; (3) participating, together with members of the Senate Graduate and Professional Committee and Undergraduate Committee, in periodic reviews of instructional units and programs; (4) hearing curricular disputes and recommending means for their resolution; (5) initiating occasional reviews of curricular offerings and policies at the University; and (6) recommending to the Faculty Senate both programs and the application of curricular policies; and (7) overseeing the Core Curriculum subject to approval by the Faculty Senate.