Resolution: NMPIRG's 25 Year Effort to Involve & Inform Students in Public Policy Issues

Whereas, the New Mexico Public Interest Research Group (NMPIRG), is a student directed, student funded, public interest organization devoted to education, research, and advocacy in the areas of environmental preservation, consumer protection and students rights; and,

Whereas, NMPIRG was founded by the University of New Mexico students in 1974, as a means for students to learn public interest skills, and to voice their opinions on pressing policy questions that face New Mexico; and,

Whereas, NMPIRG has served the University of New Mexico by providing unique educational opportunities through its programs of internships, research, projects and "classroom in action" curricula; and,

Whereas, NMPIRG, through such projects as the National Student Campaign Against Hunger, the National Student Campaign for Voter Registration, and Earth Day Celebrations, has won wide recognition for its valuable public interest work, and has brought credit to the students and University which help to support the organization; and

Whereas, students voting in the ASUNM elections voted overwhelmingly in favor of a fully funded NMPIRG chapter through a waiveable fee; and,

Therefore, let be resolved that the UNM Faculty Senate endorses and recognizes NMPIRG's 25 year effort to inform and involve students in valuable public policy issues.

Be it further resolved that the UNM Faculty Senate urges that the NMPIRG referendum for a $3.00 per student per semester waiveable fee be passed by the University of New Mexico Board of Regents.