Resolution: Posthumous Degree for Sean Elicker

Whereas Theodore Sean Elicker was a candidate for the degree of Ph.D. in Chemistry at U.N.M. in good standing up until his accidental death in the fall of 2000; and

Whereas he had completed all requirements for the Ph.D. degree to an exceptionally high standard, including the cumulative examination sequence, research which has been termed “outstanding” by the department chair, the publication of the results of his doctoral research in a highly regarded peer journal, and the award of a postdoctoral research position; and

Whereas the request for posthumous award of the Ph.D. degree to Theodore Sean Elicker is fully supported by his dissertation committee, the faculty, and the chair of the Chemistry Department; and

Whereas the request has been reviewed by the Faculty Senate Graduate Committee and unanimously recommended for approval by that body;

Be it resolved that the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry be awarded posthumously to Theodore Sean Elicker.