Resolution: Endorse Administration's Efforts for Parity

Presented to UNM Staff Council, Tuesday, January 23, 2001, and to the UNM Faculty Senate Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Sponsor: UNM Faculty Staff Benefits Committee

Author: UNM Staff Council Office

WHEREAS: In today's high technology world, education remains a shared human interaction with knowledge and thought, and

WHEREAS: Student success is highly dependent on the quality of the Faculty and Staff, and

WHEREAS: Comparative data clearly show that the Faculty and Staff at all New Mexico colleges and universities are, at a minimum, paid 12% less than their peers, and

WHEREAS: Each year higher education institutions are less able to recruit, hire and retain quality Faculty and Staff, and

WHEREAS: This threatens Faculty and Staff quality, thereby jeopardizing student success, and

WHEREAS: The Faculty and Staff of the University of New Mexico have continued to serve the University professionally and for which they are not adequately compensated, and

WHEREAS: Faculty and Staff have proven themselves integral to the mission ofthe University, and

WHEREAS: The New Mexico Legislature has, in the past, proposed differing salary increases for Faculty and Staff,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the University of New Mexico Faculty Senate and the University of New Mexico Staff Council endorse the University of New Mexico's administration in their efforts to maintain parity between Faculty and Staff salary increases at the University of New Mexico, with regard to legislative salary increases from the 2001 New Mexico state legislative session.