Resolution: Formation of Committee to Formulate Policy on IDC Funds

In view of the magnitude of IDC funds, in view of the unusual discretion which can be applied to their use, in view of the faculty's fundamental role in generating IDC, in view of the historical expectation that IDC is to be used to support faculty research and public service, and in view of the clear language of the charge of the Committee in the Faculty Handbook, the Faculty Senate Budget Committee hereby requests:

(1) that a joint faculty/administration committee including the Associate Provost for Research, the Vice President for Business and Finance, and representatives appointed by the Faculty Senate Budget Committee, the Research Policy Committee, and the Faculty Senate Operations Committee be established to formulate policy concerning the use of IDC funds, and

(2) that the Associate Provost for Research convene a meeting of this committee by May 1, 1999 and report on the committee activities by October 1, 1999.