Resolution: Endowed Faculty Appointments

WHEREAS, the Faculty Senate has been delegated the responsibilities of the University faculty as set forth in Sec. 2 of the Faculty Constitution, and

WHEREAS, such responsibilities include the: formulation of institutional goals, creation of academic units, curriculum, scholastic performance, policies regarding academic rank, research, and general faculty welfare, and

WHEREAS, an endowed faculty appointment is an honor that can be bestowed on a scholar of distinction, and

WHEREAS, this honor will allow an individual to conduct meaningful inquiry that will expand the frontiers of knowledge and instruct generations and as a result the reputation of the University will be enhanced, and

WHEREAS, an endowed faculty appointment is a singular opportunity to recognize and sustain innovative intellectual work, and

WHEREAS, in creating an endowed fund, an individual, group or corporate entity makes a donation at the University-designated level that provides for the corpus of the fund from which annual payments are generated, and

WHEREAS, the policy for search committee membership for endowed faculty appointment searches is not explicit,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate of UNM requests that the Provost and Executive Vice President for Administration develop a policy on faculty appointments for endowed positions that explicitly states that the voting members of the search committee be composed entirely of academic faculty from this or other noted universities chosen by the faculty in the recipient Department in collaboration with the appropriate Dean.