Resolution: Academic Calendar Error


  1. Determining the University academic calendar is an undoubted right of the Faculty;
  2. Since at least 1986, the University has adhered to a standard Fall calendar, defined by the following:
    • Sixteen weeks of classes, with holidays at Labor Day (1 day), mid-semester break (2 days), and Thanksgiving (2 days), yielding fifteen weeks’ equivalent, or 15 class hours per course credit.
    • Classes to begin on Monday, August 20-26, placing Thanksgiving (November 22-28) always in the fourteenth week;
  3. The calendar published in the current UNM catalogue, and recently amended by the Registrar’s office, departs from this schedule by beginning classes one week early, on August 19;
  4. This change seriously impacts faculty and students, cutting off a week from the summer and leaving only a single orphaned week of classes between Thanksgiving break and final exams;
  5. The altered calendar was clearly set by mistake, and without proper authority or approval;
  6. The administrative inconvenience of rectifying the error will be small compared to the massive inconvenience to faculty and students from allowing it to go uncorrected;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Faculty Senate: That Fall classes shall begin, according to the established calendar, on Monday, August 26.