Student Veterans

Whereas, the Student Veterans at UNM organization has requested that Veterans Day be named an official academic holiday at the University of New Mexico, and requested Faculty Senate endorsement of this proposal; and

Whereas, the UNM faculty desire to express our support for students who have served American society and the world via service in the armed forces and in myriad other forms of dedicated service; and

Whereas, adding an additional holiday to the academic calendar would require that we delete an existing holiday or break day; and Whereas, this would create new burdens for UNM staff employees, students, and others who have to adjust existing work, childcare, and vacation schedules;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate will fully support any decision by University authorities to designate Veterans Day an additional UNM holiday;

Be it further resolved that, should it be impossible to add an additional holiday, then the Faculty Senate of the University of New Mexico requests that UNM heighten the recognition of Veterans Day by holding an official service that recognizes those who have served in the military or other forms of dedicated service, and in particular remembers those wounded or killed in the course of such service;

Be it further resolved that UNM faculty are encouraged to excuse from class attendance or assignments all veterans or students who wish to attend that service.