Procedural Accountability

The University of New Mexico has established policies and procedures to ensure equal and fair treatment of all students, faculty, and staff. The University of New Mexico Faculty strongly supports these policies and procedures as articulated in the various public policy documents governing treatment of students, faculty, and staff, including the Faculty Handbook, The Affirmative Action Manual, the UNM General Catalog, the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual, the Board of Regents' Policy Manual, and other prevailing documents. Unfortunately, recent court decisions and adjudications have cited the failure of members of the campus community to follow established policies and procedures. Such failures have not only resulted in costly monetary settlements, but also have tarnished the image of the university community as a whole. Non-discriminatory practices, to be fully effective, must be supported by vigilant supervision of all levels and units of the university, to ensure that appropriate procedures are faithfully and rigorously carried out.

Therefore, the Faculty Senate of the University of New Mexico demands that the university administration take vigorous action to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures that protect all students, faculty, and staff from discrimination of any kind, and further that any and all responsible administrators, faculty, or staff who violate or fail to follow such policies and procedures be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.